13 October 2015 - Sumperk and Svagrov

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Tuesday, 13th October 2015

Forgive me if I fall asleep halfway through this post! I see that Lyzet used the word 'momentous' in her WhatsApp message and I cannot think of anything better or more original. It was indeed a wonderful day.

We started early from the music school (they all have SUCH wonderful rehearsal facilities) towards a reservoir dam for the generation of power, high in the Jeseniky Mountain range. On the way up there was very noticable 'white stuff' on the trees and the excitement levels rose along with our height above sea level.

Getting out of the bus we were met with VERY fresh air, and it did not take the children long to find said 'white stuff' and start an ice ball/snow ball fight, with Doctor Louis in the lead, of course! We climbed a few (:-)) steps to the top of a man-made cement reservoir dam that is part of the hydroelectric power generation network. From there we took a 7km 'stroll' downwards to Svagrov, an environmental centre and also the site of Motyli Sumperk's choir camps (they camp three times per year).

It was a long walk, but the beautiful scenery, ice and hoare frost on the trees and even on the thinnest blade of grass took our breaths away. At Svagrov we were treated to a hot lunch, before the kids could rest a bit. They continued with organised activities that included searching for the different types of trees and collecting little pieces of wood along the way. These were then sanded down and oiled, before turning them into beautiful necklaces. 

Needless to say we do not expect our children to be awake for very long tonight!

We are thoroughly spoilt with eats, drinks and the most interesting sights and activities - we could not ask for better!

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