12 October 2015 - Brno to Sumperk

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Monday, 12th October 2015

We are very grateful for our (sometimes a bit sporadic) access to electronic communications, as we love the fact that half of Port Elizabeth is touring along with us. Something we will never be able to fully convey, though, is the warmth and love that are being poured in our direction – literally by the bucket!

In my little piece about our visit to the caves I neglected to add that we naturally could not resist the urge to test the caves’ acoustics. Lionel gathered the children together where the cave opens up into an abyss. The children’s voices echoed SO beautifully and made a special excursion even more special.

We do not have words for last night’s concert. The concert choir of Kantilena recently were announced European champions at the European Choir Games in Magdeburg, Germany, and it was clear why right from the first note. Although this choir is more of a youth than a children’s choir, they have a lovely pure sound and were just beautiful to listen to.

This morning there were again tears in some households and I do know that some friendships will last for a long time. Helena and Lucia then took us on a whirwind tour of the old city of Brno and told us lovely stories about dragons, butchers and woodcutters, before we were allowed to see the inside of the majestic Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul, situated on the top of the hill. Of course we did not need more than half an invitation to test the acoustics and were not disappointed.

Here in the Czech Republic and Slovakia they have a delicious snack that you can buy at the stalls on the street, called Trdelnik. It is difficult to describe, but I will try. They use a dough, similar in consistency to bread dough, which they roll flat and then wrap around a wooden club-like stick. It is then baked for a bit and rolled in cinnamon and sugar. You can even find some with fillings such as nutella!  This was just the right thing at the end of our very chilly walk and I did not notice any going to waste!

From there we walked to a big shopping centre, where the kids had two hours of free time, before tackling the road to Sumperk. It is lovely to travel along the Czech countryside, as the autumn colours are plentiful – something we do not see so regularly in South Africa.

We planned to stop in the town of Olomouc to walk through the old town, as we were only expected in Sumperk by 18h00. However, by the time we arrived, the wind was howling and it was very, very cold and unpleasant. After scratching around on google, we had no choice but to expose the children to another shopping centre. We expected them to be disappointed, but instead they cheered with enthusiasm. I just do not know WHAT it is with these kids and shopping! ;-)

At Sumperk we were met with warmth and each one of us received a printed programme for our three days. It promises to be cold, with a possibility of snow – how much excitement will THAT not bring! Everyone was taken home by their host families and we are sure that tomorrow will bring another exciting day.


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