1 October 2012

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Monday, 1st October 2012

Apologies for not writing yesterday, but I decided that sleep was more important!

Most of the kids managed to sleep late yesterday morning and it was clear that they had rested well when we met them for the trip to Coswig at one. Their eyes were clear and the exhaustion and irritability we experienced on Saturday were all but forgotten.

Coswig is not too far away, but we had enough time to hear about visits to a Rodlbahn, the Zoo, shopping, table tennis and other things. The kids (once again) love their hosts and their hosts love them! Most managed to hand in their red jackets (by now some were starting to look icky, to say the least) and their washing and many had an opportunity to unpack and repack their suitcases.

The St Nicolai Church in Coswig is OLD and beautiful, with a lot of wood and some very ornate paintings and statues. The organ is stunning and has been beautifuIn the garden of the church is a fountain that was built in memory of the victims of Desau, a reminder of some of the worst events in world history.

The audience was most appreciative and did not want to leave at the end!

This morning we had an early start with our visit to the Elisabeth Gymnasium, where we were warmly welcomed by the headmaster, before being taken on a tour of the school. The children then attended a lesson, where they interacted with the teachers and German children, before we gave a small performance of our traditional African music.

From there it was off to the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung, the regional newspaper, where we watched a movie and then had a physical tour of the printing house. Our German guides were assisted by 'translators' Suraya, Maria and Leon (yes, our Leon) and we all learnt a lot about how newspapers come about.

This was followed by lunch in the newspaper house canteen (spaghetti bolognaise), some shopping in the town centre, and, as I am writing, the children are on a sight-seeing rally of the town that was prepared by the host children.

Hopefully and early night for all tonight!

Lionel's quote of the day while instructing the children on which shops to visit: 'Just don't buy a washing machine!'

Oh, and Daniel Knecht from Zürich sent the following link with photos and videos of our concert:


Louis' Photos Nurnburg, Halle Newspaper House - 01 October 2012

Halle School Newspaper - 01 October 2012

Henriette's Photos_Coswig, Halle, Newspaper House, Leipzig - 01 October 2012

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